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Jon & Dina
Dina and Jon are engaged!!!

The Script:
On Monday, November 9th, after three midterms in one day (the last ending at 8pm), Dina gets the following email:

From: (Michael A Mugmon)
Subject: Important! (fwd)
To: (Dina A Bass)
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 19:15:47 -0500 (EST)

Dina!! You must go over to the Quad to get these documents!! This is huge! I tried calling her a few minutes ago to see if I could have Ed or me go down there instead because I know you have an exam until 8, but she insisted that you go. From the little she told me, this sounds like the key to the coverage -- so get down there PLEASE! I'm going to study for my econ exam, but you can reach me by e-mail throughout the evening.


Jill Belli wrote:
From: "Jill Belli"
To: "Michael Mugmon"
Subject: Important!
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 18:57:15 -0500

mr. mugmon:
my name is jill and i have a work study job in the school of engineering dean's office. from reading the dp and a column you wrote, i know that you guys are working on the provost story. you probably know already that eduardo glandt, who's the dean, is on the committee for finding a new provost. i have some papers you might want that say the names of final candidates for the job.
needless to say, i am very worried about having these papers that i got from dean glandt's office, but i know how important they could be to your newspaper.
i saw on the dp opinion page that dina bass is an editor. i was on a tour she led last year, and i am not comfortable giving these papers to anybody but her.
sorry for making it very hard, but i don't want anyone else to see me and i don't wannt to lose my job. i will be in the 3rd floor lounge of bodine in the quad tonight from 8 o'clock to 8:30, or maybe 9. can you ask dina if she can meet me there? if not, i don't know when i can help you out again. please, please don't call me or e-mail me at all because i'm scared enough about this as it is. just show up if you want the papers.


Dina goes over to the Bodine lounge and finds Jill, who says that the documents are on her computer and that Dina should come up to her room. Coincidentally (well, not really), the room is Jon's room from freshman year, where Jon and Dina first had "The Talk." Once the two are in the room, Jill mentions that she must leave to grab something from down the hall. She leaves and Jon enters.

Bribed with some flowers, champagne, and, of course, The Ring, Dina says "yes," and the happy couple shares a few moments together. When they open the door, they are showered with rice by the fourth floor of Bodine. And of course, everyone lives happily ever after...

The Big Date:

August 22, 1999 / Elul 10, 5759


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