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Transferring Files Just Got Easier

By Jon Kaufthal (7/22/96)

Don't be fooled by the name--CuteFTP is a powerful and full-featured program. And Version 1.5, released recently after a lengthy beta cycle, is the most powerful CuteFTP release yet.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) utilities make it possible to transfer files between two computers (typically your local computer and a remote server). Using FTP to transfer these files makes it possible to maintain a Web site remotely.

CuteFTP's goal is to hide the complex details of FTP, allowing users to get the job done, regardless of whether or not they're familiar with the Unix commands that actually drive FTP. The software makes FTP feel like Windows File Manager, where folders represent directories and files are represented by various icons. As in File Manager, files (on both the local and the remote computer) can be sorted and displayed in a variety of different ways. The screen is split into two windows, with the local computer on the left and the remote server on the right. A smaller window sits atop the two windows and gives feedback on the progress of file transfers. The size of each of the three windows can be adjusted to suit user preferences.

A toolbar provides easy access to CuteFTP's most-used functions. Files can be transferred from hard disk to a remote server by dragging-and-dropping, double-clicking on a file's icon, or by clicking the toolbar's upload and download buttons. Right-clicking on an icon gives you the option to view, execute, or transfer the file, along with a host of other options.

The program's Site Manager option allows you to keep track of your favorite FTP sites via nested folders. Each listing stores the URL of the FTP site, along with a whole menu of preferences for that location. A Find function, along with Group Select and Deselect, help make it easier to transfer large numbers of files and to maintain a large Web site. With all these powerful features bundled into such a simple interface, CuteFTP is proof that FTP doesn't have to be an ugly experience.

CuteFTP. List Price: $29.95


Copyright (c) 1996 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

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